Facial Sprays I Cannot Live Without

Hola mi amigos/amigas? What it do?

Weather has been hella brisk and crisp and I am so here for it. Love me some fall and cannot wait for winter appearance. My boots and I are ready. *winks*


Being that we are in the brisky-ist (made that up and I’m sticking with it) season, our skin, especially face tends to feel dry like a prune. Even if I put on a moisturizer, my skin always needs something extra especially after working out at the gym, all sweaty and whatnot and I head outside and bam, face feels hella taut and dry. Here are three facial sprays that you can use however you want but they each play a role in my beauty regimen and I will break them down for you.


Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray $22


****Jesus, I spent €26 euros ($32 *weeps*) at Frankfurt, Germany airport. Long story. *cries****

The name says it all. This facial spray rii ch-yea (right here) packs a powerful punch in the moisture department. You can totally feel the difference. It’s like putting on regular, creamy facial moisturizer in a liquid spray form. This is totally perf for the winter months. Heck, this also works year round for people with dry skin.


Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and RoseWater (pictured is an 8oz for $12. There is also a 4oz for $7)


This is my summer time spray. Super light and smells like a bouquet of roses. To add an extra kick to cool you down during the heat (even for those suffering from hot flashes) you can put this in the fridge for an hour or two. Wakes up the pores and keeps you fresh faced. Oh, and another thing about this gem, you can spray this on your hair/scalp. You know how you’re going extra hard at the gym, sweating like a mule (do mules sweat? *looks around* *nervous laugh*) and you have places to go afterwards but dont want to wash your hair? Well mist your scalp/hair with this and it’ll make your hair smell so fresh, it last all day long and even over night! For my curly girls who like to have your curls last for days without washing in-between, this is a great refresher.




MAC Mineralize Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist $23


This MAC Mineralize Charged Water is actually new to my skin care regimen. I use this before and or after a hard workout at the gym. This is also lightweight like Mario Badescu Facial Spray and smells pretty decent. Cannot pin point what it actually smells like but at least it doesn’t give me a headache. What’s cool about it is the packaging. That little do-hickey at the top (see picture above), it lets you know whether your spray bottle is open or not. Which means a major plus since it is travel friendly. All you do is twist that black cap to that L shape dip, and voila, its open ready to be used. To close, twist it in the opposite direction. In the picture above shows that the spray is closed.

All facial sprays mentioned are perfect for setting your priming and setting your makeup. If you do decide to get one or all, just test it out on your skin as well as makeup. A little trial an error may occur. Meaning, it may depend on your makeup (be it powder, liquid, cream) the facial sprays best fit to. For instance, Clinique Moisture Surge Facial spray is great for setting powder foundations. Because of how moisturizing it is, powders can tend to make you look cakey or dry. Mario Badescu facial spray is great for lightweight sheer/sheer-medium foundations like MakeUpForever Face & Body. And MAC Mineralize Charged Water for powder/medium-full creams and liquid foundation. This is really based on my opinion and experience. Yours may be different. :]

You can also find Clinique and Mario Badescu at your local Sephora. :]


J.R. Watkins Naturals Apothecary Hand & Body Lotion

Hey guys! *waves*


Hope ya’ll are having a glorious day. It’s a bit rainy out but, I got my life with Salted Caramel Mocha soy with several dashes of nutmeg powder from Starbucks. Rain can’t ever come between me and my coffee. *dust off brass knuckles*

Here’s my favorite lotion at the moment, J.R. Watkins Naturals Apothecary Hand & Body lotion.


I found this gem at Stop n Shop when the only things on my list was coffee creamer and lemon & lime seltzer water. Sigh. My mind and body always wonders off in the beauty section hah. And it doesnt help when the milk & eggs sections is adjacent the beauty aisle. I just cannot help myself. :\


J.R. Watkins Naturals Apothecary Hand & Body Lotion $10

On the website: 

Product Details:

Keep your body’s delicate skin soft with our Hand & Body Lotion. This rich, every-day formula contains ten essential oils and plant-derived extracts to give your skin deep, long-lasting moisture. A combination of shea & cocoa butters softens skin in the driest of conditions, leaving it naturally smooth and nourished.


Water/aqua/eau (filtered and deionized), Prunus armeniaca (apricot) kernel oil (natural emollient), glyceryl stearate (natural emulsifier), Butyrospermum parkii (shea butter) (natural emollient), Theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter (natural emollient), cetearyl alcohol (natural thickener and emollient), fragrance/parfum (blend of natural essential oils), sodium stearoyl lactylate (natural emulsifier), glycerin (natural humectant/moisturizer), Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil (natural emollient), Persea gratissima (avocado) oil (natural emollient), phenoxyethanol (preservative), allantoin (moisturizer, keratolytic, anti-irritant), Orbignya oleifera seed oil (natural emollient), Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil (natural emollient), panthenol (provitamin B5), Citrus medica limonum (lemon) peel oil (natural essential oil), Calendula officinalis flower extract (natural plant extract), Chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract (natural plant extract), Tilia cordata flower extract (natural plant extract), Centaurea cyanus flower extract (natural plant extract), Anthemis nobilis flower extract (natural plant extract), Hypericum perforatum extract (natural plant extract), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (guar) gum (natural thickener), Aloe barbadensis leaf juice (natural plant extract), potassium sorbate (food-grade preservative), benzoic acid (food-grade preservative), dehydroacetic acid (preservative), citric acid (natural fruit acid), sodium hydroxide (natural pH-adjustor)

Check out the break down in parenthesis after each ingredient listed. I love that. This all natural goodness passed the test when it comes to ashy-ness and scent. It kept the ashyness at bay for me. Was not greasy but at the same time did not lack moisture. You know how some lotions are not greasy, but they do feel good on the hands/body but within the hour, your hands/body look like you never put anything on it. I really loathe that. This is creamy, makes the hands and body feel smooth and pretty much part of my bed time ritual to slather it on. The scent I picked up was Lemon Cream. I was also going to pick up Aloe & Green Tea but just opted for one. Usually I go HAM on new things but I just wanted to test this out then go HAM later. On the website, J.R Watkins Naturals Apothecary do have other scents: Lavender, Grapefruit, Coconut Milk & Honey and Pomergrante & Acai. These were not in the store but I will definitely make an order for Grapfruit, Coconut Milk & Honey and Pomergranate & Acai.



Let’s get back to the scent. It smells SO delish. Like lemon cake with the lemon frosting and on the side is lemon cookies. Gahhhh, I’m smelling it while typing and I just cannot get enough. If I find perfume with this scent, I will buy a years worth. This makes your eyes roll back if you’re a foody gourmand luvr like I am. It also has a pale yellow appearance like a lemon cake batter. Mmm mm.

And here’s the kicker, it’s Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, Propylene Glycol Free and Dye Free AND Cruelty Free. Win, win and WIN.

J.R. Watkins Naturals Apothecary not only have Bath & Body products, they also have kitchen condiments such as extracts, herbs & spice etc. Health products for cold/cough, pain reliever etc and Home Care such as laundry soap, bathroom cleaner etc. All natural!

Whenever you get the chance, check out the website and or your nearest Stop n Shop. This goodness is so worth the $10 for 11FL. OZ (325ML).



Beauty Haul + One: Revlon Lipgloss

If you guys haven’t stop by your neighborhood Walgreen’s then I suggest you held down there right now or at least before Saturday. There’s a 40% off sale on all Revlon lip products! I purchase each gloss for $5 and some change. Wootness!VyMamq02bE8Q3lD_7HkV6jiCpSLRz-VYSnjkKkcilPo,pncqajkzqGo26O2ID70OEDFLVa7f9XdyaFF4y9clHhIL to R: Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss in Adorned, Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Sugar Violet and Kiss Me Coral and Becca Lip Gloss in Flamingo Crush


Natural light



Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss Adorned is super pigmented! It’s a bright fuschia with pink and blue shimmer. Gorgeous color.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss Sugar Violet is a sheer with pink and blue sparkles. If you’ve been wanting MAC RiRi Viva Glam 2 lipglass but not willing to shed out the money for it, Sugar Violet is hella close to RVG2 shade. I can say it’s a dupe but with a little bit of pigment where as RVG2 is just clear with purple duo-chrome shimmer.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss Kiss Me Coral is pigmented as well but buildable. You can wear it as pigmented as the swatch above or sheer. The name says it all. It’s coral with gold shimmer.

Last but certainly not least..

Becca Ultimate Colour Gloss spf 15 (genius on the spf) is a bright yet deep fuschia that’s pigmented and also buildable.

All of these lip gloss wear so well on the lips. No stickiness whatsoever and doesnt create a ring around my mouth. Ugh. I told ya’ll I despise that powdered donut look. LOL. You know what I’m talking about! Sigh. The only con about Revlon lip glosses is the smell. It just smells funny to me. Not like a “it’s gone bad” smell but maybe I’m so use to scented lipglosses and lipsticks that the manufactured smell is off putting but not so much where it gives me a headache. If you sniff it from the wand, the smell will hit you but once it’s on the lips, the smell is gone.

Each have a doe foot applicator except for Revlon Colorburst. I tried to take a picture of it several times and failed miserably. Picture in your head a doe foot wand but the foot is straighter and slightly twisted and bendable. This makes for an easy and more comfortable application if you ask me.

All in all, I say they’re worth getting! Find Revlon lip glosses and other products at your local drugstore (but def. check out Walgreens because they’re on sale right now for 40% !!!) and Becca lip gloss on Becca’s website beccacosmetics.com, sephora.com, dermstore.com and amazon.com.

Beauty Haul: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

Hello ya’ll and Happy Fall!

This is one of my favorite times of the year with winter being my number one love. Love the crispness in the air that burns your nose when you first step out lol. Love watching the squirrels search in the leaves and the beautiful colors from the leaves and the pumpkins. Gaaaaaahh, love it!

*sips Caramel Cappuccino coffee*

I’ve been binging on beauty hauls as of late. Will get to those in later post but let’s start with this fn awesome finishing powder by Hourglass.

UHwOskYGrEucW0_RFImFfYOq2kBni5AcQTlc7vFLYHk  688VA1nX1tZvagruP_QiolmF4P4Rkktk8XrpZC_qVVo

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

On the website:

  • Powders mimic universally flattering light sources, not unlike having a personal lighting technician at your disposal.
    • By manipulating and filtering out harsh light, powders conceal skin imperfections, pores and wrinkles.
    • State-of-the-art formula delivers a multi-dimensional luminescence to every skin tone, making it appear softer, younger and perfectly lit.
    • Universal powders make them suitable for every skin tone, while each can be worn day and night.
    • The finishing powders enhance skin in any type of light, including flash photography.

What is in this palette?

  • DIM LIGHT: A neutral peach beige powder that blurs imperfections and highlights a radiant complexion with the perfect balance of warm and cool tones.
    INCANDESCENT LIGHT (exclusive to the palette): An opalescent pearl powder that brightens the complexion with a celestial glow.
    RADIANT LIGHT: A sun-kissed golden beige that enhances the overall complexion with believable, subtle warmth, and also extends a summer glow.

cSeAxTnJ3l-8eK7MDCECGJ1O6CFDF30iH5HrZPtgLls,24NFNVTg_x7xE-08JgT-qjfqgEbjBGE7eHUsawCkFZ4 9nu6uAA1mGYGOGZsWhKDJ4bWtkJ28JhjosM28OtkEK0,S9eCE7QAvex274M6P5s6Nx3U8Jf2WwboVh9Q5l9zURI

**Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette: natural light and flash**

All of those features and benefits that Hourglass claims about the Ambient Lighting Palette are most definitely true!!  It gives me an airbrushed look without trying too hard. I legit forgot about my Makeup Forever Face&Body foundations since using this palette. And how I would use it is; well,  first I’d go through the whole moisturizer and primer spiel, and then apply concealer to conceal blemishes and dark circles under my eyes, next I’d dip my Real Techniques contour brush (I know! I don’t use this contour at all) in Dim Light and glide it on my T-zone and over places I applied concealer, then dip the Real Techniques blush brush (Yep, smh lol) in Radiant Light and glide all over my face and of course over areas I applied Dim Light. Last I remove excess from the RT contour brush and dip it in Incandescent Light and apply on the cheek bone. Voila, instant flawless finish. But remember, you cannot go overboard with it unless you’re of fair skin tone. This joint could quickly look ashy on me if I slip into lala land while applying. :/

GAK5-KWlruBvnynR-l8_F25f-s_RL_rE_BkxpvWO12g  ebD9zX8PDXzZvC-f-SsVAzcmuQJn_ABZN0IUXPVCkJY,lhnd_CnNRM3J54qSMkLxEsAeCJbZsgFHEqjk_9qTTT8

**Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette swatches: natural light and flash. L to R Dim Light, Incandescent Light, and Radiant Light**

I have no cons to mention but one thing I say is it does cover the pores but if you have Oil Slick City skin like mine, pores will definitely say hello by the 3rd hour. And because of that, you would probably have to blot every few hours. Me, I just use a translucent powder and still look bomb.com.

As for the price… $58 ….. you don’t know how hard my hand was shaking pressing that “Place Order” button on Sephora.com lol. I was literally about to sweat bullets because it’s the first makeup product I ever bought for that price and really prayed, hoping I’ll like it a lot. For that price, liking it “a little” doesn’t cut it. But honestly, I’ll definitely reup as soon as I hit pan. I do plan on getting their single powders in Diffused Light and Mood Light during Sephora’s 20% sale. :]

Places to get Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette?



Amazon.com (don’t get it here, extra $20 steep)

Too Faced La Crème Lipstick

Heeyyy guys!

Hope you all had an awesome Labor Day!

I definitely did, I spent it with the family at the beach and park the whole weekend. Kiddies were super stoked about going to their new schools. Especially the toddlers; so I am really scared and anxious how they’ll communicate with the other kids. So far, my girls made friends and theres one incident where some kid in my 4yr old Pre-K class caught a little attitude about getting on line. I get scared for her because she’s the more fragile one. Yes, she cries at the drop of a hat! :[ Anyways, they all love it and love to do homework as well. Let’s see how long that will last. Heh.

Okay, so I participated in Too Faced 71% off sale they had a couple of weeks ago I believe. They had the Rebel palette for $22 and their trio lipgloss for $15. But what I really wanted and snatched up without a second guess was their La Crème lipsticks they had for $8 each! Ya’ll, regular price on them joints are $22 bones!! I knew that would not happen again this year unless for the holidays and I didn’t want to wait for that. No ma’am. But they only had FOUR colors: LoganBerry, Cinnamon Kiss, Fuchsia Shock, and In The Buff. Reviews I have read on them were no joke. Too Faced La Crème lipsticks are hella creamy and pigmented. And they smell delish too. They have this fruity chocolate scent. Kind of like one of those chocolate assorted packs you find on the holidays that have different flavors.


Isnt the packaging just gorg? Too Faced needs to start selling print as well. I need this blown up and put in my future woman cave.


Had to show this angle. If you run your fingers across the gold designs, you can feel the print. And just look at how the light catches it… *bites fist*




One more angle. The print goes around the box so I thought to put the boxes together so you can get a better view of it. How fn cool is that?


The lippie casings is okay. It’s a bit weighted; that’s noticeable if you hold MAC bullet lippie in one hand and Too Faced La Creme in another.

lCY7xgWdsLCMHJsDODgxeufS_bKiDl8gwk_hmkhvNsQ,m4EBfCaBvhso4gSj8SR6g3gubecpvOZ--nUSkTKbKrYL to R: Cinnamon Kiss, In The Buff, LoganBerry, Fuchia Shock

x3H2k5oE7Svnw0Et16CEoTP30rJ-rmyPF8Z4q3s93GM,IeNcNl6rgMrsKrKMr-aHOZxDkSCMNrZRR45Cki5ELFcUnder natural sunlight

uH-dBvqS_Rb3JZduc2yfFRqbNHJrHIFK9gT3ck6T0H0,FrMMEJiHu8rtxJwr4oEpNfe9VUZCJ7rIrBzhBoMUThQIn the shade. As you can see, the sun peeks through my window near Fuchia Shock

Too Faced La Creme are ridiculous creamy! Believe the hype folks. They’re pigmented, creamy (cannot stress enough), they moisturize the lips, do not feel sticky. You can layer it on and not get a weird ring around the lips or that funky clumpy gross mess in the corner of your mouth. I love all four but Cinnamon Kiss and In The Buff holds a special place in my heart. They are thee BEST, yeah, I said it, THEE. BEST nude lip I have came across. Does not make my look lips ashy at all and I don’t feel like I may need a lip liner because ya girl aint got the patience for it. I just want to dress my lips up  and go lol.

The only con is the packaging. I just wish it matched the box print. Dah well, still worth the money to go cop it unless it’s on sale. Don’t sleep on that sale if you’re not willing to spend $22 on it okay? Good. :]

Get Too Faced La Creme at toofaced.com and sephora.com.

MakeUp Forever Face & Body Foundation Review

First off can we talk about this hot, sticky weather? Ugh. Even though I can admit for a couple of days it was nice and cool but Im telling you, I just cannot stand summer season. I cannot seem to function or try to enjoy an outing with the fam when the humidity is acting a plum fool.

Plus my acne has been real ignorant lately, lol. I don’t only get pimples, I’m also cursed with the dark blemishes that it leaves behind and it never goes away. Like ever. I did go to the derm to get new prescriptions but they didn’t work so will be making an appointment soon. I have used bb creams and other foundations to even out my skin tone and lesson how harsh the blemishes look but I found MakeUp Forever F&B is the only foundation that makes my face look and feel like skin.

DSCN0714Honey Beige #34 and Camel #18

This joint is lightweight; lighter than lightweight. It gives a barely there feel and applies like a barely there coverage but yet gives this lit from within glow. One of the major pluses in my book is that it comes with a pump, for free! Some foundations charge you extra and honestly, I think that’s dumb af. It’s also waterproof and a water based gel that’s perfect for this time of year. Since it gives a “barely there” coverage, it’s not going to cover any type of dark spots or dark circles around the eyes but in fact, once applied to the skin, MUFEF&B soft focus/blur any imperfections. If you want a flawless, “beat to the gawds” look, it’s better to use a concealer before or after this foundation.


Using MUFEF&B foundation I get oily around the 4 hour mark even with two primers (Smashbox Oil Free primer all over face and Benefit Porefessional on the T zone). That’s when I lightly spritz Clinique Moisture Surge refreshing face spray and around a couple of hours after that, my blemishes become more apparent but my face as a whole looked pretty good. So I got a total of 6-7 hours out of this and that’s perfect for me! I do believe if I used a setting powder, it would’ve lasted a bit longer.

DSCN0716I use two pumps of Camel and half a pump of Honey Beige

DSCN0720Natural Light

As you can see I have two different shades because I just went from the undertone MakeUpForever had on their website for each shade. Honey Beige has a yellow beige (pink)  undertone and Camel is a yellow undertone. Camel is close to my skin tone but no cigar. And Honey Beige is all the way off but combined, omgosh, I swear it’s like a match made in heaven. I use two pumps of Camel and half a pump of Honey Beige.


MakeUp Forever Face & Body foundation is available online and at your local Sephora. I seriously love shopping at Sephora. They have great deals and ship on time too. Check it out when you can!


Fave Eyeshadows with Swatches!

This post was only supposed to be about my love for Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette but then I ended up swatching my other faves and yeah, make sense to roll this all in one. *nods*

**Yes, I know you’re probably sighing like this is old news but believe it or not, there are a lot of people still trying to figure out which neutral palette is best for them. Like me when I started out, a neutral is a neutral is a neutral and I didn’t want to be that type of hoarder. I hoard for lippies but that’s another post. Lol. So I figured out Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette was right for me.**

Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette I have owned for some time now. What drew me closer to this than getting Urban Decay Naked 3 palette (that was on the top of my list) was the fact it’s made out of 100% cocoa.  Yes. You read that right. Cocoa. Cacao. A yummy treat that is highly addictive for those with a sweet tooth.


Too Faced Chocolate Bar

48K_R-Sy4R0QcfS6DRJ4ThlOw2nP80qkLo6a331RBAc,OLKzJ4F5Gqy_xyA1aK4fbDquDnEIgmCz5WpgOf27nAoFront of the box TFCB came in



WnWz3OQC8g6i43lmLfHBL3Fkh-lS_QcGJox5uANRKCk,3bFmczm-KXhqudUqVuUzXAA0exT2CUx4DDkllCd4_2IQuad-fold insert on different looks

d9wgvSoRUQleWeeLLHFFX-D7rm7Nr57C3xrbwyY1wtM,3s9uWNjsGme1SKNNZAwjvKR_EhxzCVNqt9BTmRpcF4gPlease never mind those finger prints lol..


1C9Y_FDi22hvsLFX1z9_O3Bz3TzURo-wOVhYu585vQg,U-ro_m7xmToLPtU1s6LYk4MtG7rtI72R9eWdu0OQIykTop swatches from L to R: Gilded Ganace, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate,

Black Forest Truffle and Triple Fudge

ROw42iSFGuCZqy8gsyIVXEr-bl7j1DyfPr4sR3g2uKA,HuayjF-55ZsmY08Pn1BMt9oCe0K19Uke3GIab5sZTZ8Last two rows from L to R: Salted Caramel, Marzipan, Semi-Sweet, Strawberry Bon Bon,

Candied Violet, Amaretto, Hazelnut, Creme Brulee, Haute Chocolate, Cherry Cordial and Champagne Truffle

I L O V E everything about this palette and *whispers* honestly, I have used everything but Strawberry Bon Bon. *still whispering* I’m a newbie at this sooo I wouldnt even know how to use it giggles. Someone fill me in. It doesnt look right as a highlighter to me. :\

Each shade performs like a dream with very minimal fallout. They’re super buttery smooth and while some are a tad sheer, you can layer it on like your life depended on it and it will still look beautiful.

I wish I can show you my go to look. Maybe I will update this post when I do but hopefully yall have great imagination lol.

First off I have oily lids so I would apply my favorite primer evah Wet n Wild Fergie eyeshadow primer, then Sigma eye shadow base Compote.

Here’s a picture of the insert to better show you how I have my look!


So I would apply Maybelline 24 Hour Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk all over the lid. Then Cherry Cordial is in the outer V where #2 is, the inner corner of my eyes where I highlight is Creme Brulee and where #4 is, thats where I apply NYX eyeshadow single in Nutmeg and lightly blend. I also use Nutmeg on the lower lash line and at the far lash line corner near the outer V, I use Cherry Cordial. I rarely use a highlight in #1 but when I do, I use Stila All Over Shimmer powder in Kitten.

So yeah, I am such a newb and that’s the only way I rock an eye shadow look.

Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow




3fcoqfS-VwEo1VpsDQzahQIjSvMaiiyAthdV1B8HYp8,hSSABMKDkJnCja1_eg-6gYibVxf5u3QZaQ_R1BqSTEYL to R: Bad to the Bronze, Tenacious Teal, Bold Gold, Painted Purple, Pomegranate Punk, (Swatch of Too Faced Chocolate Bar Amaretto. They kinda look like dupes, no?), Electric Blue, Edgy Emerald

These ‘shadows are hella pretty but the only con is how your room is temperature is depend on their performance. During the summer months, my apartments gets ridiculously hot. I would keep the AC on for an hour, turn it off and it’ll tale 10 minutes to turn it back on again lol. Just picture the oven on all day and you can feel the heat when you get into the kitchen. Smh. When it gets that warm, these babies glide on so smooth! Once Fall/Winter kicks in it takes hella stiff so I would have to wrap a warm towel around it. Crazy, I know but at least they never dry on me.

NYX Eye Shadow Nutmeg





Ugh, this is soooo beautiful. If I’m hella lazy, I would pat this on my lid, line my eyes underneath my eye lid with UD Perversion, mascara and go. Its super buttery soft too. Can also use this as a bronzer.

There you have it! My fave eye shadows at the moment. I recently purchased Lorac Pro Palette 2 and will review it as soon as it comes in (as if you’re not sick of all the past reviews on it yet). :]

Beauty Haul! Riri Viva Glam

I was SUPER DE DUPER excited when I heard (and read) Rihanna was coming out with MAC Viva Glam lipstick and lipglass. Even though I marked the release date on my calendar, I didn’t get it the day it came out. I was biting on nails, impatiently waiting for swatches to pop up. After I saw pretty much all shades from alabaster to the deepest skin tone (Alek Wek) I added them to my cart, closed my eyes and hit the checkout button.

If you didn’t know, MAC Viva Glam is a limited edition collection that goes to a great cause! All proceeds of the MAC VG collection helps women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Not only I get to have this awesomeness in my possession, it’s a great feeling to know that I’m helping others.


***Mind you, this post.. THIS POST.. is hella old lol. I forgot all about it honestly. Thank goodness for auto save***

***Remember when you click on any image on my blog, it’ll open up a new window instead of you having to hit the back button***

Please forgive my ashy hands lmbo. Sometimes I give zero Fs

Look at the packing of these beauties! It’s hard to describe, feels super smooth, and can get easily scratched up so provide a “special” place in your lippie draw or whatever or place them in a sandwich bag lol. Do what you can to not jack up the packaging!

pcjc9O752SR13H1bbNAOgesq9Pk5oLMrF0d9D3zW5-8,aWlJKME9SIdR0lWbIdXaAwCdim5UjpLb-X4l3DIJW4wIt’s a tad blurry but in red is RiRi’s name scrawled across the package.




And here are the swatches..

nksQVzRGUslp5YBIgzKPC4hYhzI4zy8TlqSBId1JSTcRVG lipstick and lipglass


I compared RiRi Viva Glam lipstick with two other frost type lippies I believe from the Wet n Wild Megalast collection. I wanted to show you what grandma frost (WNW) and modern frost (RVG) looked like. I so was not here for WNW frost and I wish I gave them back but I purchased them at one point and forgot about them at one point too lol.

RVG goes on wonderfully smooth and non drying. Like I said this is not your nana’s frost. It’s more like a toned down metallic.

Wearing the lipstick sans lipglass

Wearing the lipstick WITH lipglass

wearing RVG lipstick and lipglass. 

The wear time for the lipstick, for me, is a couple of hours. With the lipglass is about one hour. Here I applied too much since around an hour and a half/two hours I layered on a second time.

I wanted to purchase another RVG lippie and lipglass but I got caught up in the MAC Alluring Aquatic haul, my pockets were literally in tears lol.

I am thinking about swatching all my MAC RiRi lippies and post it. I think I have about six now. The last one I got I spent a boatload on. *cries*

Let me know what you guys think about this post! :D

MAC Alluring Aquatic Haul

I know it has been QUITE AWHILE since my last post and I am so sorry about that but here are pictures on my MAC haul.


I lurve every thang about it!

First off, I didnt get the bronzers and blushes since I already have a few blushes I rarely use and a bronzer that I swatch at home lol. I’m not that very good when it comes to makeup such as those items but I cannot live without eye shadow, lippies, and mascara!


***Please click on pictures to view them bigger. It’ll jump to a new window. No need to hit the back button. Shhh, I loathe that too.***

zSAHJXXu8CB4j2XC3A3F_bqNLaxeTr0uZagUC_s3x50,CxwRsoVbYtHH-GL66jHq07yzPmo0whKTjsqkq3QA2Q4,3QTQKwNrZ3y7O3ADUAiGJujxvTmEBMo8A9GYfUcsWQwWith Flash

MAC signature bullet lippies are:

Goddess of the Sea


Enchanted One


Clear Water

Extra Dimension Eyeshadows (LtoR)

Fathom’s Deep

Sea Worship



9dTQeM48yuCU0e63bmsJrukdZjo6yFAnI9KNiDbRDdo,k2BaolMaSrNkmxbw3YBHax9Hwxyu-5xu8dwXG1p4dnkNatural Light (no flash)

Can we at least agree that the packaging of MACs new limited edition collection Alluring Aquatic is everything!! One of the many reasons why I hoped on it.

Here is the packaging up close and personal. All in natural lighting. :]


The 3D water drop effect is just… breathtaking!





sSjQamYOfKYTbt7S4P9aooCT-k4zu0DR538QeLZDRMAPicture of Sea Worship



This is how MACs Extra Dimension line looks like.

The wave is just perfect for this underwater, kinda mermaid, Greek Mythology theme.

Now, onto the swatches!


NwTisXFrOmsY0O7ItTe5yIapyvphO4Dxja3u-tk3fNcMatural Lighting

5DHUz6A9NNex3H_T5zpD-royilOkVurZPT5OR5L5c4o,UvAHceLDS-CXuFYnv1HLi4VRWURN-5vJ8cZvLdYvRu4With Flash

From Top to Bottom:

Clear Water (Sparkly goodness!)
Goddess of the Sea 
Covergirl Sultry 200 (comparing purpose)
Enchanted One (I thought this was like Covergirl Sultry but it’s much lighter. Super pretty with Clear Water)

***I have also purchased Head in the Clouds from MACs Playland collection. These swatches are for folks wondering if it’s the same as RiRi Viva Glam.***

Head in the Clouds (comparing purpose)
RiRi Viva Glam (RVG is so obviously a darker red than HITC. HITC has gold specks)


The MAC Alluring Aquatic lippies are super opaque and non drying. Mystical gives you that “your natural pigmented lips but better” look. Goddess of the Sea is thee perfect purple and Enchanted One is a gorgeous nude! I can honestly wear that nude better that Covergirl Sultry 200.

WE-DMVWMOnd9E-fAA2Zu2ayg3OkukMbQuyPwSxLkRCI8,T3S4SjmT1V_D-uy-SL5bdA-7m1dCt2HuiKliAlamZAoith Flash

aqV2CJhy7vmQbd0LnIQUyFZ0vnXvlg1kaOSLkImJzNANatural Light

From Top to Bottom:

Lorelai (a lovely soft pink. Compared to Stila Kitten it is a deeper pink)

Fathom’s Deep (Certain light it’s Navy Blue and sometimes it appears purple)

Sea Worship (Antique olive gold)

The MAC Alluring Aquatic Extra Dimensional eyeshadows were super buttery smooth and very high in pigment although out of the three I’ve purchase, Fathoms Deep is more pigmented. FD was only swatched once; Sea Worship and Lorelai twice.

Now I hope you’re not still wondering if you should get this collection. Okay… I get it because it’s super expensive. The eyeshadows alone were $19.50 each!! Gag city. I’m just saying if you can afford it then run, do not walk, to the nearest MAC, Nordstrom, Belk and get you a couple please! You will not regret it. I on the other hand already regretting on not getting Siren Song and Pet Me Please.  Remember, these are LIMITED EDITION (although MAC still has it on the site) so don’t sleep!

NYC Metro Girl

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Moved out here to CT to start anew but my heart will always belong to NYC. Now when I came across this brand, I was hella intrigued because anything that has to do with NYC, I am so here for.

Minnie Brown is the owner and creator of NYC MetroGirl. The company started in March 2013 and is based out in Staten Island (Shaolin if you’re a Wu-Tang fan like moi). She was super nice to send me a few items to review.

**Pictures of products were taken before use**

dAGI966KgNd-HnJGncpsckA-yC6zMecszkuMv2fdmvc,LHfx5P_B11dr8sOawFgCRGifPTzY1IlXLpNuPlz7A2ML-R: NYC metro girl handmade soap in Creative Juice scent, body butter in Dark Berry scent,  glycerin soap bar in Coco Dreams scent, solid perfume in Desire scent and sugar lip scrub in Green Tea Strawberry scent and.

DeR2coSarIwuev7-re-og154w_RiKtbqonZ1yJoKxwA,qdKh5DmofaMzd54g-wkM5WhGj4DVUpJN_p60sptHrPY**Click to open in order to read ingredients**


Minnie has some magic making hands because the performance of this soap is everything. It lathers perfectly, it makes the skin feel super smooth like a lotion bar that lathers. And once you rinse it off the skin, it doesnt feel dry or streaky. The scent……@___@…… it’s like a grown woman, sexy yet fruity scent. I love it. Very hard to describe but when I used this, the scent permeates the bathroom like crazy. Even some minutes after the shower you can still smell it. Jesus.

**On the site, the scent describes as Golden Amber and Egyptian Musk intermingled with sparkling citrus, lily of the valley, pink jasmine and warm woods

Would I purchase?




rrCOOUTy-n--NerUDFv7jz90EtA7INUT4wgTP8oYeAk**Click to open in order to read ingredients**

Another gem here is this glycerin bar Coco Dream. The performance is the same as Creative Juice but this moisturizes the skin more because of the glycerin content. Perfect for the this dry arse weather lol. Because lawd knows I need a basket full of these with a tub full of thick butter lol. Now the name is very true to the scent. Smells like a dream. Very tropical, under a palm tree drinking gin and juice out of a coconut. Yup, at least that’s my dream haha. It smells amazing and just like Creative Juice, the scent fills the bathroom during and after each use.

**On the site, the scent describes as Coconut & Patchouli with a touch of light musk

Would I Purchase?

Darn skippy!! *means yes*

MDdFt-WCRTe5TXG0IPnrKeAQXHHjJ34BKlrcK85zrwU,0wO3JLkdN3k4HusU4wtyh25x9V18ba5ZUDgSm_g4_3ML to R: sugar lip scrub Green Tea Strawberry, Dark Berry body butter and Desire solid perfume

hSc8yHhm3NVckOfcEyG2BnbrsYhk3-DUiM7QvUNLGPc**Click to open in order to read ingredients**




This butter is thick but light enough to 86 the ashiness off your hands and still be able to hold a cup of coffee without being scared it may slip. Coin the term butter fingers. Heh. NYC Metro Girl body butter is also perfect enough to wear it winter round. So it wont feel like you rubbed canola oil on your body when you’re under 90 degree weather and doesn’t clog pores! This scent Dark Berry is another winner. Lawd hammercy. Another grown and sexy sweet scent. What I love about these scents are Creative Juice, Coco Dreams and Dark Berry are NOT your teen daughter scents. Not bubble gum, pop-y, I borrowed from a teen girl scent. When I say grown sexy and sweet.. think of sweet scents but darkened down so women in their 50’s can still rock.

**On the site, the scent describes as Ripe black raspberries, mixed with dark plums and warm vanilla

Would I Purchase?

Yes ma’am.. a tub full. *nods*




C5qw7UHnfSQHyxqWpzL-pIYXNEjxlycKRDRC7pG8f5k**Click to open in order to read ingredients**


Last year around this season, I had some crust arse lips. What kind of saved it from cracking and drying to oblivion was my oil mix of safflower oil, sweet almond oil and olive oil. I still kind of use that mix (when I remember) but I’ve been using sugar scrubs more. This pocket sugar scrub I have been using for a few weeks(not combined with other scrubs and balms), one time in the day and once at night. Calling this a sugar scrub is kind of questionable being that it doesn’t have any sugar grains in it. It’s pretty much a Green Tea and Strawberry “get cho lips right)”balm. But lips are still kissably smooth. It smells exactly like green tea and strawberries too.

Would I Purchase?

Yes. Can’t get enough of lip saving products. :]



gQzDXQ8ZW16zhRtryqmHRYqe0drgE8yRrWJccnCRl00**Click to open in order to read ingredients**

I own oil perfumes and never really cared for solid perfumes until I tried this. I glide this on pulse/pressure points (behind the ears, on the wrist, etc) and it’ll stay on for a couple of hours. It really depends on your body chemistry. NYC Metro Girl solid perfume smells so good. Desire is the scent and again, part of the grown and sexy sweet crew. Even though it doesnt last on me for long, I like the fact that the scent transfers on clothing. So when I wear that item again along with the solid perfume, the scent would be more pronounced.

Would I Purchase?


A tip when you purchase NYC Metro Girl products, if you get any of the scents, make sure you get the works. If you end up getting Creative Juice soap bar, get the butter, perfume, and lotion in that scent. It smell will last longer on you use them accordingly.

Go on and check out NYC Metro Girl