I was SUPER DE DUPER excited when I heard (and read) Rihanna was coming out with MAC Viva Glam lipstick and lipglass. Even though I marked the release date on my calendar, I didn’t get it the day it came out. I was biting on nails, impatiently waiting for swatches to pop up. After I saw pretty much all shades from alabaster to the deepest skin tone (Alek Wek) I added them to my cart, closed my eyes and hit the checkout button.

If you didn’t know, MAC Viva Glam is a limited edition collection that goes to a great cause! All proceeds of the MAC VG collection helps women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Not only I get to have this awesomeness in my possession, it’s a great feeling to know that I’m helping others.


***Mind you, this post.. THIS POST.. is hella old lol. I forgot all about it honestly. Thank goodness for auto save***

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Please forgive my ashy hands lmbo. Sometimes I give zero Fs

Look at the packing of these beauties! It’s hard to describe, feels super smooth, and can get easily scratched up so provide a “special” place in your lippie draw or whatever or place them in a sandwich bag lol. Do what you can to not jack up the packaging!

pcjc9O752SR13H1bbNAOgesq9Pk5oLMrF0d9D3zW5-8,aWlJKME9SIdR0lWbIdXaAwCdim5UjpLb-X4l3DIJW4wIt’s a tad blurry but in red is RiRi’s name scrawled across the package.




And here are the swatches..

nksQVzRGUslp5YBIgzKPC4hYhzI4zy8TlqSBId1JSTcRVG lipstick and lipglass


I compared RiRi Viva Glam lipstick with two other frost type lippies I believe from the Wet n Wild Megalast collection. I wanted to show you what grandma frost (WNW) and modern frost (RVG) looked like. I so was not here for WNW frost and I wish I gave them back but I purchased them at one point and forgot about them at one point too lol.

RVG goes on wonderfully smooth and non drying. Like I said this is not your nana’s frost. It’s more like a toned down metallic.

Wearing the lipstick sans lipglass

Wearing the lipstick WITH lipglass

wearing RVG lipstick and lipglass.Β 

The wear time for the lipstick, for me, is a couple of hours. With the lipglass is about one hour. Here I applied too much since around an hour and a half/two hours I layered on a second time.

I wanted to purchase another RVG lippie and lipglass but I got caught up in the MAC Alluring Aquatic haul, my pockets were literally in tears lol.

I am thinking about swatching all my MAC RiRi lippies and post it. I think I have about six now. The last one I got I spent a boatload on. *cries*

Let me know what you guys think about this post! πŸ˜€

11 thoughts on “Beauty Haul! Riri Viva Glam

      1. Really? I should check it out.

        You probably are correct cause i found MACS extra dimensional finish in ‘Superb’ like months later. I was so happy. Now just to find ‘Whisper of Guilt’

  1. These are beautiful on you! πŸ™‚ I also bought both of these and love them. I can’t believe it because I’m not usually a red gal. πŸ˜€

  2. I love red lips! I’m leery of using anything from MAC though because in the past their makeup caused me severe break outs. Maybe my lips are safe lol
    btw, I can’t believe how similar our blog designs are! I’m about to change mine again though because since I purchased and installed this theme, it seems like my blog has been having little bloops like comments disappearing!

    1. Oh wow!! Maybe you’re allergic to one of their ingredients?? Hopefully you’re not allergic to their lippies. I wonder if they have samples of it. Don’t use their sample lippies they have out. I have heard horror stories. 😦 as far as the theme, I haven’t noticed we have them same theme! I had something else and didn’t like it too much. I keep thinking I should pay the $36 to custom design it.

      1. Its the heavy preservatives….parabens and such.
        Oh no I will not be using no opened products. Ick! Forget that.
        I paid for my theme but I think I would like a custom design but that costs quite a bit to have someone design it. Maybe in the future

      2. Girl did you see the store lately??? I believe there’s a product that says of you pay $20 one of the artist will custom design a theme for you. Don’t quote me please but check out the store when you get a chance.

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