Hola mi amigos/amigas? What it do?

Weather has been hella brisk and crisp and I am so here for it. Love me some fall and cannot wait for winter appearance. My boots and I are ready. *winks*


Being that we are in the brisky-ist (made that up and I’m sticking with it) season, our skin, especially face tends to feel dry like a prune. Even if I put on a moisturizer, my skin always needs something extra especially after working out at the gym, all sweaty and whatnot and I head outside and bam, face feels hella taut and dry. Here are three facial sprays that you can use however you want but they each play a role in my beauty regimen and I will break them down for you.


Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray $22


****Jesus, I spent €26 euros ($32 *weeps*) at Frankfurt, Germany airport. Long story. *cries****

The name says it all. This facial spray rii ch-yea (right here) packs a powerful punch in the moisture department. You can totally feel the difference. It’s like putting on regular, creamy facial moisturizer in a liquid spray form. This is totally perf for the winter months. Heck, this also works year round for people with dry skin.


Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and RoseWater (pictured is an 8oz for $12. There is also a 4oz for $7)


This is my summer time spray. Super light and smells like a bouquet of roses. To add an extra kick to cool you down during the heat (even for those suffering from hot flashes) you can put this in the fridge for an hour or two. Wakes up the pores and keeps you fresh faced. Oh, and another thing about this gem, you can spray this on your hair/scalp. You know how you’re going extra hard at the gym, sweating like a mule (do mules sweat? *looks around* *nervous laugh*) and you have places to go afterwards but dont want to wash your hair? Well mist your scalp/hair with this and it’ll make your hair smell so fresh, it last all day long and even over night! For my curly girls who like to have your curls last for days without washing in-between, this is a great refresher.




MAC Mineralize Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist $23


This MAC Mineralize Charged Water is actually new to my skin care regimen. I use this before and or after a hard workout at the gym. This is also lightweight like Mario Badescu Facial Spray and smells pretty decent. Cannot pin point what it actually smells like but at least it doesn’t give me a headache. What’s cool about it is the packaging. That little do-hickey at the top (see picture above), it lets you know whether your spray bottle is open or not. Which means a major plus since it is travel friendly. All you do is twist that black cap to that L shape dip, and voila, its open ready to be used. To close, twist it in the opposite direction. In the picture above shows that the spray is closed.

All facial sprays mentioned are perfect for setting your priming and setting your makeup. If you do decide to get one or all, just test it out on your skin as well as makeup. A little trial an error may occur. Meaning, it may depend on your makeup (be it powder, liquid, cream) the facial sprays best fit to. For instance, Clinique Moisture Surge Facial spray is great for setting powder foundations. Because of how moisturizing it is, powders can tend to make you look cakey or dry. Mario Badescu facial spray is great for lightweight sheer/sheer-medium foundations like MakeUpForever Face & Body. And MAC Mineralize Charged Water for powder/medium-full creams and liquid foundation. This is really based on my opinion and experience. Yours may be different. :]

You can also find Clinique and Mario Badescu at your local Sephora. :]



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