I know it has been QUITE AWHILE since my last post and I am so sorry about that but here are pictures on my MAC haul.


I lurve every thang about it!

First off, I didnt get the bronzers and blushes since I already have a few blushes I rarely use and a bronzer that I swatch at home lol. I’m not that very good when it comes to makeup such as those items but I cannot live without eye shadow, lippies, and mascara!


***Please click on pictures to view them bigger. It’ll jump to a new window. No need to hit the back button. Shhh, I loathe that too.***

zSAHJXXu8CB4j2XC3A3F_bqNLaxeTr0uZagUC_s3x50,CxwRsoVbYtHH-GL66jHq07yzPmo0whKTjsqkq3QA2Q4,3QTQKwNrZ3y7O3ADUAiGJujxvTmEBMo8A9GYfUcsWQwWith Flash

MAC signature bullet lippies are:

Goddess of the Sea


Enchanted One


Clear Water

Extra Dimension Eyeshadows (LtoR)

Fathom’s Deep

Sea Worship



9dTQeM48yuCU0e63bmsJrukdZjo6yFAnI9KNiDbRDdo,k2BaolMaSrNkmxbw3YBHax9Hwxyu-5xu8dwXG1p4dnkNatural Light (no flash)

Can we at least agree that the packaging of MACs new limited edition collection Alluring Aquatic is everything!! One of the many reasons why I hoped on it.

Here is the packaging up close and personal. All in natural lighting. :]


The 3D water drop effect is just… breathtaking!





sSjQamYOfKYTbt7S4P9aooCT-k4zu0DR538QeLZDRMAPicture of Sea Worship



This is how MACs Extra Dimension line looks like.

The wave is just perfect for this underwater, kinda mermaid, Greek Mythology theme.

Now, onto the swatches!


NwTisXFrOmsY0O7ItTe5yIapyvphO4Dxja3u-tk3fNcMatural Lighting

5DHUz6A9NNex3H_T5zpD-royilOkVurZPT5OR5L5c4o,UvAHceLDS-CXuFYnv1HLi4VRWURN-5vJ8cZvLdYvRu4With Flash

From Top to Bottom:

Clear Water (Sparkly goodness!)
Goddess of the Sea 
Covergirl Sultry 200 (comparing purpose)
Enchanted One (I thought this was like Covergirl Sultry but it’s much lighter. Super pretty with Clear Water)

***I have also purchased Head in the Clouds from MACs Playland collection. These swatches are for folks wondering if it’s the same as RiRi Viva Glam.***

Head in the Clouds (comparing purpose)
RiRi Viva Glam (RVG is so obviously a darker red than HITC. HITC has gold specks)


The MAC Alluring Aquatic lippies are super opaque and non drying. Mystical gives you that “your natural pigmented lips but better” look. Goddess of the Sea is thee perfect purple and Enchanted One is a gorgeous nude! I can honestly wear that nude better that Covergirl Sultry 200.

WE-DMVWMOnd9E-fAA2Zu2ayg3OkukMbQuyPwSxLkRCI8,T3S4SjmT1V_D-uy-SL5bdA-7m1dCt2HuiKliAlamZAoith Flash

aqV2CJhy7vmQbd0LnIQUyFZ0vnXvlg1kaOSLkImJzNANatural Light

From Top to Bottom:

Lorelai (a lovely soft pink. Compared to Stila Kitten it is a deeper pink)

Fathom’s Deep (Certain light it’s Navy Blue and sometimes it appears purple)

Sea Worship (Antique olive gold)

The MAC Alluring Aquatic Extra Dimensional eyeshadows were super buttery smooth and very high in pigment although out of the three I’ve purchase, Fathoms Deep is more pigmented. FD was only swatched once; Sea Worship and Lorelai twice.

Now I hope you’re not still wondering if you should get this collection. Okay… I get it because it’s super expensive. The eyeshadows alone were $19.50 each!! Gag city. I’m just saying if you can afford it then run, do not walk, to the nearest MAC, Nordstrom, Belk and get you a couple please! You will not regret it. I on the other hand already regretting on not getting Siren Song and Pet Me Please.  Remember, these are LIMITED EDITION (although MAC still has it on the site) so don’t sleep!


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