Heeyyy guys!

Hope you all had an awesome Labor Day!

I definitely did, I spent it with the family at the beach and park the whole weekend. Kiddies were super stoked about going to their new schools. Especially the toddlers; so I am really scared and anxious how they’ll communicate with the other kids. So far, my girls made friends and theres one incident where some kid in my 4yr old Pre-K class caught a little attitude about getting on line. I get scared for her because she’s the more fragile one. Yes, she cries at the drop of a hat! :[ Anyways, they all love it and love to do homework as well. Let’s see how long that will last. Heh.

Okay, so I participated in Too Faced 71% off sale they had a couple of weeks ago I believe. They had the Rebel palette for $22 and their trio lipgloss for $15. But what I really wanted and snatched up without a second guess was their La Crème lipsticks they had for $8 each! Ya’ll, regular price on them joints are $22 bones!! I knew that would not happen again this year unless for the holidays and I didn’t want to wait for that. No ma’am. But they only had FOUR colors: LoganBerry, Cinnamon Kiss, Fuchsia Shock, and In The Buff. Reviews I have read on them were no joke. Too Faced La Crème lipsticks are hella creamy and pigmented. And they smell delish too. They have this fruity chocolate scent. Kind of like one of those chocolate assorted packs you find on the holidays that have different flavors.


Isnt the packaging just gorg? Too Faced needs to start selling print as well. I need this blown up and put in my future woman cave.


Had to show this angle. If you run your fingers across the gold designs, you can feel the print. And just look at how the light catches it… *bites fist*




One more angle. The print goes around the box so I thought to put the boxes together so you can get a better view of it. How fn cool is that?


The lippie casings is okay. It’s a bit weighted; that’s noticeable if you hold MAC bullet lippie in one hand and Too Faced La Creme in another.

lCY7xgWdsLCMHJsDODgxeufS_bKiDl8gwk_hmkhvNsQ,m4EBfCaBvhso4gSj8SR6g3gubecpvOZ--nUSkTKbKrYL to R: Cinnamon Kiss, In The Buff, LoganBerry, Fuchia Shock

x3H2k5oE7Svnw0Et16CEoTP30rJ-rmyPF8Z4q3s93GM,IeNcNl6rgMrsKrKMr-aHOZxDkSCMNrZRR45Cki5ELFcUnder natural sunlight

uH-dBvqS_Rb3JZduc2yfFRqbNHJrHIFK9gT3ck6T0H0,FrMMEJiHu8rtxJwr4oEpNfe9VUZCJ7rIrBzhBoMUThQIn the shade. As you can see, the sun peeks through my window near Fuchia Shock

Too Faced La Creme are ridiculous creamy! Believe the hype folks. They’re pigmented, creamy (cannot stress enough), they moisturize the lips, do not feel sticky. You can layer it on and not get a weird ring around the lips or that funky clumpy gross mess in the corner of your mouth. I love all four but Cinnamon Kiss and In The Buff holds a special place in my heart. They are thee BEST, yeah, I said it, THEE. BEST nude lip I have came across. Does not make my look lips ashy at all and I don’t feel like I may need a lip liner because ya girl aint got the patience for it. I just want to dress my lips up  and go lol.

The only con is the packaging. I just wish it matched the box print. Dah well, still worth the money to go cop it unless it’s on sale. Don’t sleep on that sale if you’re not willing to spend $22 on it okay? Good. :]

Get Too Faced La Creme at toofaced.com and sephora.com.


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