Wet n Wild came out with a limited edition Spring 2016 collection that consist of three highlighters, 2 eyeshadow palettes, four nail polishes, a brush set and a couple of eyeliners. I didn’t see the brushes at my local Walgreen’s otherwise I would’ve picked them up as well. But the highlighters was a must have for me and so glad I got them.


Wet n Wild Geometric Highlighting Powder is smooth to the touch, almost a buttery feeling but not quite there yet. From just looking at the pan, I was scared because I thought it was going to feel gritty like the Maybelline Lumi Highlighters. I bought one and brought it right back the same day, lawd hammercy, straight up felt like rice grains. But these are the smoothest drugstore highlighter I have ever felt. It isn’t chalky and it’s beautiful on the skin; gives a nice pearly soft glow.



Here’s a swatch on my wrist from L to R:  Sun Ceremony, Desert Explorations, Where the Dreamers Go.  I have tried three brushes Luxie 504 angled brush, Zoeva 105 luxe highlight and Real Techniques contour brush and I have found that Luxie 504 has applied the Wet n Wild Geometric highlighter so much better than the others. It actually picks up the true essence of the highlighters so effortless while the others gather up just the “pearl finish” if that makes any sense?

If you got the time RUN don’t walk to your nearest Walgreens to see if these are still around. Or do the smart thing, call up your local stores and have them place it on hold for you. And always remember, cosmetic brands that list their items “limited edition” will never be around for long lol. And you will get that sinking feeling that makes you want to kick yourself in the bum for not picking them up ie; makeup hoarder’s remorse. :’[


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