A few years ago I decided to go natural and I also resolved to stop straightening my daughters’ hair. I tried every hair product under the sun but products left my hair dry, flaky or hard. I also had an additional challenge. My daughters’ have allergies and sensitive skins. Some products contain ingredients that my daughters’ are allergic to, such as mango. Other store-bought products turn my daughters’ skin into a bumpy, itchy nightmare. Products that use chemicals as preservatives and to add fragrance were particularly problematic. Hunting for products that would moisturize our hair and not cause my daughters to break out became a frustrating full-time job. Sometimes products would list up to 15 ingredients and I would be wary of the impact they would have on my daughter because most of the ingredients were chemicals. One day I had an idea: Combine only the natural products I use on my hair – Shea butter, coconut oil etc. My labor of love to find a perfect product that would give my girls gorgeous hair without itchy skin became Cassandra’s Hair Potion.

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L to R: Cassandra’s Hair Potion Extreme Moisturizing Cream & Hair Mist



Extreme Moisturizing Cream Ingredients:

Shea butter, Kokum butter, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil, Glycerin, Olive butter, Essential oil, Fragrance oil.


Got it in Strawberry Delight.. smells a bit like strawberries & chocolate (because of the cocoa butter).




8oz $15.oo




I like this butter but not enough to purchase. :[

Cassandra’s Hair Potion Moisturizing Cream is hella thick! I mean, so thick that when you lightly glide your finger on the surface of it, and rub it between your fingers, you can feel how thick it is. So scooping up a dime size and rubbing it in my palms kinda feels like paste. :\ Not only is it thick it’s also heavy. This is perfect for those who likes their hair weighed down when it’s in twist-outs/wash n go. In order for me to use this in my wash n gos (I too like my wash n gos weighed down), I would have to melt the butter over some heat, apply in a spray bottle and lightly mist the tresses. I do the same for my oldest daughter but this butter is waayy too heavy for super fined hair’d curlies.

CHPMC claims it’s moisturizing but in order for a product to apply moisture to your hair/body, it has to contain water in it. And must be high on the list, first or second ingredient. Now, I can say it holds in moisture really nice! Hair doesnt look dried out when the day ends. As for skin, it’s too thick to apply on my entire body. Kind of makes me feel like my pores are fighting to breath but it will definitely keep the ashiness at bay! Apply on the knees, elbows, EVEN on the lips and you’re good to go.

Let’s talk about the scent. I got it in Stawberry Delight and it does smell absolutely delightful! Very light scent of chocolate covered strawberries. Mmmmm


Hair Mist Ingredients:

Distilled water, essential oil, fragrant oil


Light scent of strawberries


40z $4.00



I like this spray and love the scent. The scent is Strawberry, which is very light by the way and it’s not meant as a hair perfume. Looking at the ingredients, it’s pretty basic and the Hair Mist is pretty much there to moisturize your hair before you add the Moisturizing Cream.

Earlier I told you in order for me to use the Moisturizing Cream, I had to melt it down and apply it in a spray bottle. This is said spray bottle. I have also used the Hair Mist alone and really like it but the combo to me is heaven.

Also the problems I have is with the labels. Although the labeling is hella cute, too cute infact, it’s not water proof. It falls apart, lettering is missing but the bottle/jars are sturdy and durable.

One thing I would like to include, this Hair Mist is even better when you leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight, whatever!

Would I purchase?

I would totally purchase this Hair Mist

Cassandra’s Hair Potion is currently having a sale! 50% OFF EVERYTHING on the site. Use code: CYBERMONDAY

Website: http://cassandrashairpotion.gostorego.com/


Disclaimer: These products were sent to me to review. I am not affiliated with nor compensated by this company. This review is based on my experience and opinions are my own and quite honest.


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