My Hair Journey

Back in 2010 there was a reoccurring problem I couldn’t shake regarding my children’s eczema. As I tried to eliminate the use of cortisones which only were band-aid solutions for the dryness of skin and the night time itching, I began to mix the best of lotions with Vaseline and baby oils.  This seemed to slightly provide more comfort for my children until I researched the harmful effects of mineral oil and products with petroleum.  In conjunction, my semi-natural hair, (meaning I had no chemicals or relaxers) was breaking off daily due to heat damage and lack of moisture. Mostly, this was due to a lack of knowledge in hair education.

Because my natural curls were ruined by heat, my journey back to my curls was a goal I intended to achieve. During a family reunion relatives offered several hair classes (perfect timing!) on how African American’s hair needs water, so contradictory to what I had heard growing up. Some of those misconceptions included running out of the rain when out shopping or avoiding water sport activities like swimming.  The objective was to make sure every inch of my hair was protected from moisture and keep that press straight hair looking good for at least 2 weeks to get my $55.00 worth out of it!

So, from water being the enemy to becoming my hair’s BFF and a blessing, this was really different.  When your hair is falling out and breaking off nothing becomes too expensive or too far fetched to try. Guess what? I joined the world of product junkieism, cramping my cabinets and shelves with name and no-name brand remedies.  On top of that, I went to a natural stylist who washed and conditioned my hair and my daughter’s hair for $130.00 and sold me over $200.00 worth of products in one day to get me going.  Wow!!    That same month I went back and purchased more products leaving the shop with a grand total of $430.00 for the month!

Who can afford that as part of their regular budget?!

Well, after a year of research and burning the midnight oil I began to formulate my own whip appeal just to help with both my daughter’s hair and mine. Nothing elaborate, but it worked!

With an active schedule including work, taking care of my children, church, and other activities people began to ask what was I using on our hair (because of course my girls are with me)  that made it look so healthy. Also, when they felt that my hair was not brittle or dry especially during our triple digit temperatures they insisted on knowing what product I was using.  At that point Naturalsis72 was born and I began to perfect the natural ingredients.

My biggest education point to share with people, especially new naturals is the ability to layer products on your hair to achieve maximum moisture retention. First and foremost Roots to Ends. This can’t be said enough. Emulsify the product in your hands and apply roots to end to lock in moisture.  Yes!  Moisture is a good thing!


wiVyix33PT0xaIilGJXJjxND9LtgsoJITCcl6onHQuUStyling Hair Butter Whipped Naturally, Mango Shea Bliss Butter, Tangles No More Leave In Condish (Detangler and daily moisturizer)

r3u2UtZeQJ5-wn0E1Ejp8VD4f3M4jl_LBmQy_gLXxBITangles No More Leave In Condish (Detangler and daily moisturizer) 

gMnynZZeE78gDNHswXk9rhvabJCmFpcv2zwCxdUClvYOil is sitting at the top but give it a good shake

peNKsviUZq9XLEcG9WFT68AaPY52dq7VFirlD7EgNz0Here is a picture of the ingredients. As you can see, it’s dumb long for me to type lol. I assure you there would be lots of misspellings if I tried. :\


The scent cannot be summed up really. It doesn’t have a sweet, spicy, floral or a musk scent. I think it smells like Tresemme Thermal Heat Spray.

Well…. the ingredients threw me all the way off. Now, I don’t have a problem using silicones but most products with silicones are a miss for me. But surprisingly, this is pretty good! This is what I wanted Herbal Essences Curl Silkening Detangler to be like (luckily this works for my toddlers — 2A-3A texture). I use Tangles No More Leave In as a prepoo treatment, I use this as a leave in off and on but on my teens hair, I use this every day even though it says use it for only three. But who goes by what the label say nowadays? *looks around* Mmhmm This stuff along with Styling Hair Butter Whipped Naturally and Mango Shea Bliss Butter did her hair G O O D. Kept it well moisturized especially during this harsh season. Her hair would look the same from 6AM to 4PM school days. I would spritz her hair with this and apply the Styling Hair Butter on the ends. If I cannot find it one morning, I would use the Mango Shea Bliss.

nrSSV0ZGWK-M6_u82I8wFYDBbqRdxECNmJsmSNXJElMStyling Hair Butter Whipped Naturally






Organic shea butter, essential oils including olive, coconut, grape seed, sweet almond, argan, glycerin, aloe vera, honey, carbomer, hydroized wheat protein, pvp, triethanolamine, sodium hydrxymethylglycinate, polysorbate 20, tetradodium edta, color, fragrance and water.


(Cherry Float) This scent is cherry and omgahhh smells sooo good! True cherry scent!


Smooth, creamy and  whipped to perfection

Love this butter. Perfect on wet/dry hair. Can seal in the moisture like no ones business. This is a styling butter (a lot of naturals use any butter used to style but you get it) so you can get away with water spritz, style your hair for a braid out, twist out or protective styles. It will definitely add shine to your tresses. Personally, I wouldn’t use it for my wash in goes.. I can tell by the texture it wouldn’t work alone but it will to seal the ends of my WNG’s and all my dry styles.


3SsQ8F5uWq4wuKyLaCGeRWJHpHii9sge-VJsIiyJop8Mango Shea Bliss Butter






Shea,Mango and coco butters, essential oils including grape seed, olive, fragrance oils and honey


(Berry In Love) The scent is suppose to be berry but to me, it smells like shea butter and a hint of berry scent. Sometimes it smells like sweet plastic. Meh


This is also creamy and perfectly whipped.

This is the same as the Style Hair Butter. Same texture  and I get the same performance out of it. Nothing bad to say other than the smell. But it’s fairly light and it doesnt make me gag so using this daily wont be a problem. Major plus is, the smell is so light it doesnt linger in the hair.


Would I Purchase?

YES! I really like the leave in, my teen who hair texture is 4A and some 4B (if you care about hair typing), loves this stuff too. Like I mentioned earlier, doesn’t really have a smell but it smells like something and it’s not bad at all. The performance trumps it!  The butters are bomb too. And Naturalsis72 has other scents like vanilla cream, mango papaya and applicious.

Another cool thing is Naturalsis72 sells affordable adjustable satin bonnets.

She’s having a Pre-Black Friday 20% OFF sale. Use code: Save20 at checkout!!

Website: http://naturalsis72.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Naturalsis72

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/naturalsis72/ (LOVE her Pinterst btw. <3)

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me to review. I am not affiliated with nor compensated by this company. This review is based on my experience and opinions are my own and quite honest.

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