Black Friday sales are in a couple of weeks and while folks are running out to get family members and friends gifts to put under the tree (from electronics to clothing), product junkies such as myself are looking forward to sales from our favorite natural hair/body product shops.

There are a couple of natural hair bloggers who took the time to put in links of online natural hair stores that are having awesome sales.

I want to personally thank them for this!!

MakeupVixen (tastiredbone YT & creator/owner of TastiKissEssentials, LLC)

Confessions of a Blog Vixen

So here’s my BF wishlist:


  • Wild Cherry Poo bar 3x 35% sale on the 22nd

Pura Body Naturals

  • Chocolate Hair Smoothie 4x (might be a bogo free sale!)


  • Whipped Shea (scented gingerbread or cinnabun)

Bel Nouvo

  • Deep Quench Moisture Butters (red velvet cake & sweet potato souffle)
  • Avocado & Shea hair milk


  • Spiralicious Styling Gel
  • Hair Cleansing Cream
  • Too Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner


  • Amala Cream Rinse
  • Cocasta Shikakai Hair Oil
  • Vatika Frosting


  • Honey I Shrunk The Frizz poo bar 2x
  • Afrodites Shine Almighty-Gloss Boss
  • Afrotastic Curl Elastic

Camille Rose

  • Caramel Cowash
  • Creme Restore Conditioning Cleanser
  • Curlaide Moisture Butter
  • Aloe Whipped Butter Gel

Bask Beauty

  • Cacao Bark Deep Conditioning Hair Treat
  • Vanilla Whiskey Repairative Hair Soak
  • Cupuacu Coco-Nilla Bean Body Massage Oil Drizzle

LACE (Ladies Always Create Excitement) Natural

  • Brahmi Root Hair Masque 2x

Cream & Coco

  • Lotus Flower Water
  • Honey Pot 2x
  • Pink Cookie 2x
  • Curls For Days Hair Pudding

Siamese Twists

  • Vanilla Curly Creme
  • Sweet Potato Pie Hair Cream

**Cannot forget Caheez beanies! Their beanies with satin lining in them are perfect for naturalistas! Gotta tuck the hair away from elements that would cause harm to our delicate tresses. Their hats are right for the pockets but I need to get them on their BF sales because I plan on getting three (two for me one for my big girl).** :]

So that’s my list in a nutshell. Now you know, if I got the funds, I would just get all of them lol. But most likely, I will get two companies. My limit is under $100 anyways.

So what are you getting for Black Friday? Can be anything, I’d like to know what you have on your “must get” list. :]


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