Past Black Friday my idea was to go IN but I had a budget to maintain. At least $100 – but mind you, I went slightly over it. Shh, don’t tell hubster *nervous laugh*.

IMG_20121201_123813Left to Right: OyinHandMade Hair Dew in 1Liter $34, Honey Hemp in 1Liter $34 and Whipped Shea $10

Went to a natural event earlier this year and had two one ounce samples of OyinHandMade Hair Dew. Smells so yum, like sugar cookies, and my hair loved it as well. Jumped the gun and purchased their largest size (33.8floz). Honey Hemp is in the same size as well. Never tried Honey Hemp before but I recall all reviews on it was nothing but good plus I needed at conditioner at the moment. The Whipped Shea in Rich Almond scent smelled delish (roasted almonds and spices). I got that for my daughter but I do plan on purchasing another for our hair. It emulsifies really well and not greasy, major plus!  Now, for the price of the conditioners ($34 each before their 20% off BF sale) I don’t think I would have gotten this. I know, it’s not bad at all I just normally don’t spend that much on ONE product. But I will purchase whenever there is a sale.

IMG_20121130_132643Alikay Naturals Avocado Cream Moisture Repairing Hair Mask $15

I made a post about a sample of this some time ago. You can read it here. I had to get this hair mask because of the smell (oh yes, smells oh so divine) and the performance. Made my hair and my oldest daughter hair so soft! Using this deep condish with and without heat to get the same results is perfection. I am seriously in love.

IMG_20121130_173123Top to botton: Blended Beauty Happy Nappy Styles $21, (their kids line) Blended Cutie Butter Me Up $21 and Soft Curls & Swirls $19

I won these Blended Beauty products at a blog giveaway Dominique (she’s super nice!!) from Natural Hair Care Info was having some time ago.  These products came in just a nick of time though because my budget was tight, and yet I wanted everything haha! I’ve been wanting to purchase Blended Beauty forever and a day but those prices man *clutch pearls* too much for my blood! BUT THE PRODUCTS LAWD, they are oh so worth it! I tried Butter Me Up on my girls hair first. Let me tell ya’ll something, you do not and I repeat DO NOT need a leave in for this. All three of these products have shea butter in them(I think they’re whole line has shea butter in it). They moisturize, detangles seals and tames the frizzes all in one! Plus it has a very light scent of gingerbread cookies. I think it’s safe to say, Blended Beauty products can easily be staple products for my girls.

IMG_20121223_130808Lucretia Body Oils and Sprays (LBOS) body butter in watermelon berries scent $5.50 4oz

I’ve liked Lucreata fan page last year yet been on her site every month lol. I finally made a purchase on her Cyber Monday sale (15% off). This body butter emulsifies really well. I use this butter to seal my ends every night. Smells great too! Check out this great review from Kokofemme on YT here.

Last but certainly not least…

11282012132012Urban Expressions Afternoon Bag in Blue $72

This is actually an early Christmas present to myself. I desperately needed a bag. I had an Urban Expressions bag for many years and it met it’s maker a couple of weeks ago. So then I recall I had another Urban Expressions bag laying around, that too met it’s maker due to water damage we had past summer. Smh. Luckily, BagHaus had a sale from Black Friday into the holidays. This bag specifically went from $72 to $45. I snatched that up so quick, the interweb spun lol. I need to go back and get it in black.

So there you have it! All my little treats I purchased on Black Friday. What did you get?

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