This little gem came in my August CurlKit box and I was ecstatic! The creator of Alikay Naturals is Rochelle (BlackOnyx77 on YouTube) and I would frequent her YT from time to time as well as her online store. I wanted everything on the site but of course, couldn’t afford it. Not even the full size version of ACMRHM-which the starting price is $15.

On her site:

Avocado Cream fills each hair strand with nourishment from root to tip. Your results will be moisturized hair that feels soft and is more elastic, which results in less breakage. This hair mask is a natural remedy to repair damaged hair , restoring natural moisture and shine, while preventing hair loss and dandruff.
Scented with the refreshing honeydew melon and avocados.
Avocados are high in fat filled with beta-carotene, vitamins B,C and E and healthy fats that promote healthy hair and scalp. This mask also helps to prevent hair loss and dandruff.


Avocado Hair Mask is made with Aloe Vera juice, avocado oil, avocado butter, rosemary oil, extra virgin olive oil, citric acid, wheat germ oil, herbal and botanical blend.




I am in love with this product. The smell of it is so overpowering (in a good way) I literally have to run down the store and get some candy. The smell has hints of avocado and honey dew but as I sniffed deeper (may not have a nose after today) it smells like Tropical Skittles and yellow Starburst. The consistency is thick. A perfect example is Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. For a sample size (2 oz) I could get about 3 four uses out of this. The color is a mint green and the slip is great. The price she’s selling it for on her online store is a tad bit steep for me (8oz for $15) but so fr, I like it and wouldn’t mind purchasing… on Black Friday lol.

Online store: blackonyxworld.com


**Pictures are from Alikay Naturals website**

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