I know I havent updated in awhiiiilllllleeeee.
But I’ve been seriously lazy. I’ve tried so many products but havent kept tabs on each expericences but I will very soon. Scouts honor! *pinky swear*

My daughter doesn’t realize it but I am absolutely positive she had the best experience at the hair salon here in Germany today.

I relaxed my 12 year old hair when she was 8 years old and she has been transitioning for over a year. I’ve been wanting to cut her hair myself sometime this summer but hubster insisted on a professional to do it. *rolls eyes* (lol) .I’ve been very leary about the so called “professionals” lately when it comes to natural hair. Ive been to a few places that I would never go back to.

But okay, back to her hair, heh.

So we stepped into the salon and hubster explained in his language what she should have done to her hair. Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) she can speak English and ask me what type of cut and if she should have her hair washed as well. I said yes but the shampoo must be moisturizing as well as the conditioner.

***Hubster thought I was being a little rude here and I must admit, I realized it too after the fact. I seriously did not mean to be rude but I am however anal when it comes to our hair. I’ve been to so many salons, I come out dissapointed most of the time. So at this moment, I side eye the stylist since number one, they’re Turkish, and two what do they know about African American coarse hair. So apparently she knew a lot since hubster told me she worked with a lot of African hair. Shut me up and changed my views really quick***

So she washed her hair and got ta cuttin’. While she was cutting she told me the hair in the back is healthy but the rest is badly damaged. She could have cut more but didn’t want to or the girl would end up with a boy cut and she would not be a happy camper.

***When she explained to my what state my daughter hair was in, I fell in love with her. Like seriously, I NEVER came across a stylist who broke down the state of my hair. Well, actually once in my late teens. Went to the same stylist and she would suggest what products to use and how my hair was holding up. But she moved to Trinidad and ever since then I’ve never cared for any of the stylist I came across because none of them were any good. ***

So she was done and asked if I use Pink Lotion. I said hell naw (in my head). Told her I used Tresemme Naturals condish and she insisted as soon as I get home, use that and apply it every day. Her hair needs some serious moisturizing and protein since shes suffering from breakage. She also said she used some vitamins for strengthing her hair but I didnt ask what it was.

Bahh at me!

Ask my daughter how she felt about her hair and she was on the fence. I think she felt like her hair will never grow but I had to give her two reasons, either you have something seriously wrong with your scalp or you’re dead. I keep pointing to my own hair to remind her how much growth I’ve experienced. I came home with an inch and a half of hair and 13 months later it’s two inches past my earlobe. I think she’s at least relieved that she can still have a bun.

***Sigh at these kids wanting long hair so bad; lawd help me.***

So now her hair is super soft, detangled and she’s officially au naturale today, Friday 13th 2012.
When we get back to America next weekend, I will deep condition her hair with yogurt, honey and olive oil. Also purchase a couple of bottles of Tresemme Naturals. I know I would need a lot cause her hair is super de duper thick lol.

2 thoughts on “(My) Daughter Big Chop Experience

  1. Congratulations to your daughter on her big chop. What? No pictures. Folks (me) what to see how gorgeous she is with her new do and 100% natural self.

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