Hi, I’m Stephanie and I’ve been on this natural hair care journey since May 2011. Actually it’s my second journey come to think of it. I’ve started first  transitioning in Summer 2010 and gave up to the “creamy crack” in January 2011.

Trust me, I am NOT going back down that road again! *neck roll* *finger snap*

This journey has been based on trial and error. I’ve experienced products that didnt work at all and products that did work and then eventually stopped working. (Wtf is that about? Have you experienced this? (¬_¬”) In this blog I will talk about all of the above, including my three daughters journey. My oldest, who’s 12 years old, is also transitioning. She’s going on one year and strong. Didnt want to BC her yet since she love her some long hair lol. My other two babies are biracial and have finer hair texture than my oldest and I. People may think that their hair is easy to work with well I say hell to the naw. Lol.

So that’s the gist of it. More to come and stay tuned. (-_o)

2 thoughts on “Introducing.. MOI!

  1. Congratulations on your decision to try again AND to include your daughters. Um, you don't look old enough to have three sweetie pies! Big ups to the 12 year old. If she can stay the course for another 12 months, she'll have enough hair (depending on how fast her hair grows) to pull it all back, which can sometimes be a blessing and a curse. But hey, being able to pull it back also means it has some length.So, I'll be checking on with you. I like the blog. I will be following, too. And welcome to the blogosphere!JazzWife

  2. @JazzWifeFinally got the message. It seems I missed a letter in my email which explains everything lol. Many thank yous Jazz! 😀 I must say, I'm afraid I may be broke by the end of year being a product junky lol. I have to deal with several types of hair textures. Ay yi yi! :s

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